Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Committee 2017-2018

Assessment, Research, and MTSS Coordinator: Amy Luckner (co-facilitator)

Director of Student Services: Cristy Meyer (co-facilitator)

Director of Curriculum and Instruction:

Jennie Hueber

Elementary Curriculum Coordinator: Kim Lyle

Secondary Curriculum Coordinator: Vicky Tusken Bilingual Coordinator: Amy Crook

Secondary Program Coordinator: Brandon Royer

Student Services TOSA: Lisa Becker

Elementary Principal: Jennifer Tallitsch

Secondary Principal: Tim Vincent

Secondary Dean: Donna Larson

Elementary Psychologist: Trisha Bailey

Middle School Psychologist: Kyle Gerdes

High School / Elementary Psychologist:

Erin Deliberto

PBIS Coordinator: Robyn Timmerman

Reading Specialist: Anne Almburg

Resource Teacher: Deb Smith

Gen Ed Teacher: Kim Posega

Gen Ed Teacher: Tammy Judkins

ESL Teacher: Lissette Jacobson

NIU Representative: Lisa Liberty

Welcome to the District Multi-Tiered System of Supports Committee